things&people simply aims to show what things mean to people. There are no criteria for the choice of object, it can be anything, from the most poignant talisman of someone loved, to the funny, to the wilfully ugly. This means that many of the featured things don’t tidily answer the question ‘what would you rescue in a fire?’. What binds the objects, if anything, is that they engender feelings and memories in their owners. The intention is to demonstrate that things are meaningful – unsullied by judgements of them as, at best, distracting clutter and, at worst, evidence of unbridled consumption. Many of the objects are handmade, passed down or found; as unique as their owners. Behind them lie a breadth of stories, associations and feelings; their effect can be as instantaneous as that of a particular smell – from a balm to soothe grief, to a smile that’s impossible to suppress, to the unfettered feeling of being a kid. The objects offer an insight into their owners and their owners offer an insight into the objects.