Kaz jumped from the window, it was a drop of fifty feet. The neighbours had pulled mattresses into the street to break her fall but hours later the doctor confirmed that her back was broken. Her friend moved out of the flat leaving it’s charred contents and Kaz spent the next three weeks in hospital. After surgery Kaz’s wound failed to heal, she’d developed an infection, MRSA, the R of which – ‘resistant’ meant her body didn’t respond to common antibiotics. It was a full year before she recovered, and the metal rods, implanted to support her back, were removed. A new greed for life had Kaz learning to surf. Nothing could temper this. One morning, rushing to get to the beach, she tripped and hit her head.  An inch long gash opened up above her left eye. Kaz was in hospital again. Doctors told her the wound was to be kept dry so she was unable to surf. As she languished at home she picked up a friends book ‘Boo, the Life of the World’s Cutest Dog’. Kaz developed a Boo obsession, signing up to his facebook updates. Boo’s silliness was the perfect antidote to her rough year. This toy was a get well present from her boyfriend Jack – and an ill-conceived attempt to dampen her Boo fixation.

03 Feb 2013