It was the sun and the contagious optimism of her cousin Carol’s wedding in Perth that had Trudy packing up her family’s life and moving 9,000 miles to Australia. This is where Jayne grew up. Her pale skin, permanently sticky from a film of sun-block was a constant reminder of her birthplace. In her 20s she returned to England and, after an abortive first degree, began training as a hairdresser. While she was studying her grandmother died. After the funeral her Aunt Christine sifted through Eileen’s house and its contents, she found some scissors. Jayne’s grandmother had also been a hairdresser. In the late 40s Eileen had offered ‘haircuts at home’. She’d cycle to her clients and cut hair in their kitchens and front rooms. She was so successful that the only way to stop the phone ringing was to get rid of it. Four years ago Jayne started her own business, her grandmother’s scissors are mounted on the wall of her South London salon.

06 Jan 2013